International Journal of Pure and Computational Mathematics

Abdon Atangana

Managing editor
S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie

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Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

Aim & Scope
International Journal of Pure and Computational Mathematics is a peer review and concentrated on work at the interface between pure, applied mathematics and modelling, oriented ideas to engineering, hydrological, physical, biological, behavioural and social sciences. The journal also emphasizes research and reviewed papers of computational character focusing on new numerical techniques, their theoretical analysis and also their numerical results. Our aim is to promote scientists to publish as much as possible their experimental and theoretical findings. The journal has no restriction on length of the paper.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly
The following types of papers are considered for publication

  • Original research works in the above mentioned fields
  • Surveys, opinions, abstracts and essays related to science and engineering
  • Few critical review papers will be published if the author had done considerable work in that area.

Key Features

  • A quality open access scientific journal aiming to bring out latest research on Pure and Computational Mathematics.
  • Rapid publication&prompt availability of the contents
  • Managed editorial process for quality review
  • Indexing and Abstracting
  • Online and print versions
  • Contents optimization to maximize visibility
  • State of the art electronic manuscript system
  • Issuance of DOI for better citation

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Current Issue – Current Research on Biological Sciences



We received a malformed goat kid. The kid was part of a twin gestation, from which two male kids born with one of the twins with morphological abnormalities and underwent regular presented numbers of kid legs. A goat give a twin kid which two of them were male kids with one was three-legged and the second one was normal with four –legged was born in Ethiopia at Gambella University small-scale goat farm at June 2015, which is a rare congenital condition characterized by abnormal development of the body due to a genetic abnormality that occurs in rare cases, only one or more than thousands kids born each year in the world come out with that kind of abnormality/three-legged. The location of the case: In Gambella University small-scale goat farm.

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Grapes defined as the fruit of the vine, the most cultivated in the world. It is considered a major habitat of many yeast species. This work aims to isolate, purify and characterize species of yeast from the sultana grape (Thompson’s seedless)cultivated in the region of Ain Merane (from Chlef, Algeria). Several tests were performed (microbiological and molecular).Two strains isolated from grape juice obtained by simple grinding.Pichia fermentans and Metschnikowia pulcherrima were confirmed by a genetic approach (ITS-RFLP) using two restriction enzymes (Taq I, and HaeIII), of the region (ITSI, 5.8S rRNA, ITSI) amplified by PCR.

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The emergence of antibioresistancebacteria has become a public health problem at the global level. This problem is of growing concern in hospitals. It is therefore necessary to make use of new active substances from medicinal plants. In order to validate their traditional uses, our work aims to evaluate the antibacterial activity of methanolic extract of Marrubium vulgare L. against resistant pathogenic microorganisms.The study was carried outby diffusionmethodandmicro-dilution. Resultsobtained showed that the antibacterial activity varies with the extract concentration and the nature of the germ. The MIC ranged for most strains between 125 and 250 mg/ml.

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Identification and isolation of yeasts can often be problematic. Our work aims to study the diversity of local native flora yeasts by collecting samples of different varieties of grapes (Merlot, Cabernet and Carignan) which are scattered over the vineyards of the plain of Ghriss (Mascara).The main purpose of this study is to develop new methods of detection of our yeast isolates after a realization of macroscopic and microscopic studies that investigate their morphological and cultural characteristics.A protocol for DNA extraction as well as two methods of molecular detection of fungi has targeted DNAr, a PCR-ITS-RFLP was developed for the region ITS 1-DNAr 5.8 S-ITS 2 and the target PCR-Delta Ty1 retrotransposons (Delta region). They are sensitive enough to detect the biodiversity of different yeast species isolated.The results were revealed considerable phenotypic divergence accompanying the molecular diversity and show that there is a strain variation.Despite this diversity, several cases of dominance and survival of strains were observed and ten genera were identified: Pichia, Saccharomyces, Cryptococcus, Rhodotorula, Leucosporidiella, Brettanomyces, Candida, Clockera, Dekkera and Diplodia.

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Fish processing is a crucial sector to meet the nutrient needs for humans, but it generates a significant amount of the estimated 50% of total waste. It follows the same time a problem of dumping of waste in different environments, which increases environmental pollution, and in particular the water environment. Our work aims to study the physicochemical quality of sardine waste(edges, heads and guts). Then, we seek to exploit these coproducts as medium culture for microorganisms such as Lactobacillus and E. coli. In this case, two universal mediumswere prepared with the isolate obtained from fish in the place ofpeptones of the conventional mediums.The physicochemical analyzes showed that the isolate obtained has a high biological value (rich in essential amino acids). The results indicate that the use of this isolate must be accompanied with other essential elements of culture (vitamin compounds, essential amino acids, minerals) as growth factors to optimize the growth of bacteria involved. This work allowed us to have a recovery method that reduces the risk of pollution caused by discharges of different fish processing industries and we contribute to the development of biotechnology.

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Current Issue – International Journal of Drug Discovery & Development



Glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa inhibitors are routinely used in patients with acute coronary syndromes. There have been reported platelet counts of below 20 x 10^9/L within hours of administering the drug. We present a case of a 44 years old man with inferior wall myocardial infarction and third-degree heart block who was transferred to our hospital for cardiac catheterization. The patient successfully underwent percutaneous intervention to right coronary artery and eptifibatide was given per protocol. 6 hours post-eptifibatide initiation, platelets dropped from 288 x 10^9/L to 24 x 10^9/L. Eptifibatide was stopped and a complete blood count (CBC) was repeated after 2 hours. The platelets had further dropped to undetectable levels showing 0 x 10^9/L. The patient remained completely asymptomatic. Pseudo-thrombocytopenia was ruled out on peripheral smear. Platelet transfusion was considered however, platelets started to rise few hours afterstopping of Eptifibatide.Twelve hours later, platelet count reached 4 x 10^9/L. It continued to show a positive trend and reached upto a level of 293 x 10^9/L after 5 days. Patient was discharged in a stable condition. Due to this rare but significant phenomenon, patients on these drugs should have their platelet count closely monitored. It is also very rare not to have any symptoms after such critically low platelet levels.

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Not available.

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Over years antiviral and anticancer drugs are continuously produced, however, no cure can be produced yet. Different studies were conducted to produce protective medicine using various natural and artificial sources but none has succeeded. This study aimed to investigate the in vitro anticancer and antiviral activities and thein vivohepatoprotective effect of PMF derived from camel urine.. The in vitro results showed that toxicity inducing by PMF concentration to Vero cells was significantly lower than that of hepatic cancer cell line model (HEPG-2) (P<0.05).

PMF had promising virucide effect as vesicular stomatitis virus(VSV) activity was completely inhibited by 75 minutes post treatment with PMF. In vivo study revealed that oral PMF administration for 90 days led to hepatic protective activity against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced liver damage in rats. In conclusions, PMF is a promising bio-product from camel urine showed antiviral and anticancer potentials in vitro on cell lines and hepatic protective effects in vivoin CCl4 treated rats.

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Various body systems or organs are responsible for successful performance in the horses. The cardiovascular system has great role in the evaluation of exercise tolerance in the horses. In this study ,cardiovascular response of 19 Iranian race-horses, before and after exercise in 1600 meter race-track were studied .Heart rate before and after exercise and pattern of its reduction after exercise and correlation between these data’s and poor performance were evaluated. The mean of resting heart rate was 36.10+_5.54 bpm.the mean of maximum heart rate and heart rate after sixty minutes of exercise or HR(60), were 131.89+_16.83 and 42.36+_11.70 bpm respectively. The maximum heart rate showed significant increase to resting heart rate (p<0.05).The mean decrease of heart rate in first minute was 15.38 percent. Eleven horses (60 %) had HR of 60 bpm after twenty minutes.21.1 percent of horses had normal HR after thirty minutes. The mean values of PCV (paced cell volume) and RBC (red blood cell) were 36.60± 3.3 % and 6.8± 0.88 M/ul at rest and 44.73± 4.7 % and 9.28± 1.32M/ul after exercise
respectively. These values showed significant increase after exercise (p<0.05).

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Not available.

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