Subscription Ordering:

All subscription related matters are administered by ScienceVier on behalf of member societies and publishing partners.

Order Online: download an order form and send it via email at


Payment. Orders must be prepaid by check, money order, or PayPal. Checks or demand draft are payable to ScienceVier and must be drawn in US funds.

Change of Address. Change of address requests are expedited if you include the current mailing label or order number with notification of your new address. Please allow six to eight weeks for the change to become effective.

Contact Customer Services. Customers who wish to: order products; make enquiries concerning orders already placed; request title information, price, availability, or general bibliographic data; or establish a new account should contact Customer Service Department at:


Subscription Policies

Subscription Period: All subscriptions are sold on a calendar year basis, with subscriptions becoming activated on the first day of the year and expiring on the last day of the year, which shall constitute the volume for the year. All subscriptions are to be prepaid and ScienceVier cannot accept only purchase orders for subscriptions. Subscription price may change without notice. ScienceVier retains the right to alter policies and terms at any time.

Print Subscriptions: Subscription orders received after one or more issues of the current year’s volume have been mailed will be shipped the appropriate back issues for that volume. Subscriptions are available for current volume only. Orders for a previous volume will be treated as a back issue order.

Online Subscriptions: Subscription orders are activated upon receipt of payment and will expire at the end of the calendar/volume year. An online subscription includes access to all pas issues in addition to the current year’s issues. If an online subscription is not renewed, the customer retains access to the year(s) previously purchased, but loses access to all other back issues. This access will remain in effect for as long as ScienceVier offers online subscriptions

Single Copy Order. You can also purchase a single issue of the specific volume and journal. To order a single-copy of the journal, please submit your order via e-mail.

Back Issues: Same sales policies above are associated with back issue orders. Please contact with ScienceVier for further information.

Cancellations: No refunds will be made after the first the first issue of the journal for the year has been dispatched.

Claims: ScienceVier agrees to ship all issues for which the customer has subscribed in accordance with the terms described above. For non-receipt due to postal difficulties, a reasonable attempt will be made to honor claims one time. Claims for missing issues must be made within 90 days of the shipping date. ScienceVier will honor claims for non-receipt of issues if the claim is made within the designated period.