International Journal of Pure and Computational Mathematics

Abdon Atangana

Managing editor
S.C. Oukouomi Noutchie

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Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

Aim & Scope
International Journal of Pure and Computational Mathematics is a peer review and concentrated on work at the interface between pure, applied mathematics and modelling, oriented ideas to engineering, hydrological, physical, biological, behavioural and social sciences. The journal also emphasizes research and reviewed papers of computational character focusing on new numerical techniques, their theoretical analysis and also their numerical results. Our aim is to promote scientists to publish as much as possible their experimental and theoretical findings. The journal has no restriction on length of the paper.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly
The following types of papers are considered for publication

  • Original research works in the above mentioned fields
  • Surveys, opinions, abstracts and essays related to science and engineering
  • Few critical review papers will be published if the author had done considerable work in that area.

Key Features

  • A quality open access scientific journal aiming to bring out latest research on Pure and Computational Mathematics.
  • Rapid publication&prompt availability of the contents
  • Managed editorial process for quality review
  • Indexing and Abstracting
  • Online and print versions
  • Contents optimization to maximize visibility
  • State of the art electronic manuscript system
  • Issuance of DOI for better citation