Tools and Methods in Research Writing

Developing Skills in Scientific Writing


One-Day Workshop on “Tools and Methods in Research Writing” was held on April 18, 2017 at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan,Pakistan in collaboration with ScienceVier Canada and Department of Soil Science, BZU, Multan. The Workshop Mainly was divided into 3 sessions of 2 hours each.

The meeting was attended by 120 participants including ScienceVier members, students, faculty, researchers, scholars, research institutes and publishing professionals.

Chairman of Soil Science (BZU) Dr. Zafar ul Hye Gondal started the inaugural ceremony and addressed the audience and highlighted the importance of the workshop.

High profile speakers were invited to deliver quality contents. Experts from a diversified academic and scientific forum contributed information and opinions to participants in a learning situation on scientific writing and publishing.

The goals and objectives of the workshop were to develop scientific writing skills amongst scientists and researchers through interactive and learning sessions and to collect participants from multiple institutions so that they may establish networking for exchanging their ideas about scientific writing and publishing.


Resource Persons delivered their lectures and explained how author can increase the number of acceptance of research papers and avoid plagiarism. There was a
special lecture conduct on Mandalay software.

In the panel discussion that followed, participants discussed the main issues in research writing and its publication.

Publication ethics, open access, tools for researchers and publishers and the need for bridging the gap between the East and the West and between journals and authors are emerging as main discussion points in these regions.

Workshop was truly productive as the attendees were highly participative and interactive during and between all sessions. The meeting was a great way to meet authors and editors and discuss some of their challenges.