ScienceVier is inviting Institutions, Societies and Individuals to join “ScienceVier Global Partners” in order to promote its products and services.

The mission of the SGP is to develop sustainable world-class scientific research, education and knowledge transfer through an active international network of selected partners.

Products &Services

  1. OA Scientific Research Journals
  2. Workshops
  3. International Conferences
  4. Education and Learning Programs
  5. Valued Communication Solutions & Institutional Management Softwares

Eligibility: Applicants

  • Proposals are invited from Academic Institutions, Scientific Societies, Individuals, Research Professionals
  • Individual applicants must have a strong affiliation with academics, research institutes
  • Applicants must have strong knowledge on business development, strategic decisions, market research, corporate relations
  • Individual applicants must hold a minimum of 5 year experience at academic level
  • Scientific societies or institutions must hold 5 years of establishment

Agreement Duration

Successful applicants will be enrolled as a “ScienceVier global partners” for the period of 12 calendar months.

Selection Criteria

  • A selection committee will evaluate the applications
  • Selected applicants will be further verified to confirm submitted information accuracy
  • One exclusive partner will be selected from each country

Applicants Details

Interested applicants must submit this form after filling the table below at

Name of institution/society
Name of Applicant
Current Career Status
Contact No
Comments(if any)